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[*] ตารางส่งEvent

posted on 19 Aug 2012 23:38 by xmen-universe

O = ส่งแล้ว

x = ยังไม่ส่ง

n/a = ไม่เข้าร่วม

Name Profile 1st ENC AFday ID4
Alexis Gomez O x O x
Kenneth Grace O O O O
Jessy Grayson O O O x
Artemis Parker O O O O
Ryley D. Miller O x O x
Howard Pedersen O x x x
Drake Warner O O O O
Luke Jay. Marvel O x O x
Dominic McCloud x x n/a n/a
Timothy Jefferson O x x x
Marshall Maximo O O O O
Glen Mourne O x O x
John Dough O O O x
Wynter Bronte O O O x
Dante S. Plato O O O n/a
Dwayne Stark x x n/a n/a
Keith Woodrow O x x n/a
Zion O x O n/a
Rakzon Richelieu O x x n/a
Wilson Lanzine O x O O
Dominic Chan O x O x
Prof. Anthos O O n/a O
Prof. Alexar O O O O
Prof. Maddox O x O x
Prof. Krymsk x x n/a x
Prof. Lydmilla x x n/a n/a
Yule  x x n/a n/a
Eos Baker O O O O
Spear A. Star O x n/a O
Robert M. Sweet x x n/a n/a
Roderick Conway O x n/a n/a
Samanta Moore

x x n/a n/a
Huxley Wolf Edwardo O x n/a O
Matilda Fane O x n/a n/a




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